SL08 Klima Serenades & Serinettes SOLD OUT

1. French Mittens
2. By My Side
3. I Will Remember You
4. Papillon de Nuit
5. Father
6. In My Room
7. Sing To Me
8. Things Get Better With Time
9. Sylvia
10. Orffans
11. Bottomless Sea

The greatly-anticipated second album by Angèle David-Guillou, aka Klima.

Serenades & Serinettes proffers an ambitious and alluring blend of acoustic and orchestral instruments, analogue synths and teeming percussion – much of it essayed by Angèle alone and decorated with her seductive, melancholy-tinged voice. Its songs dwell on matters both deeply personal (‘Father’) and ingenuously universal (‘Things Get Better With Time’) while ranging across styles, from the sweeping, chamber orchestra-propelled ‘French Mittens’ to the droll, Grand Guignol balladry of ‘By My Side’, the glittering, reflective pop of ‘Sing To Me’, the swooning, existential angst of ‘In My Room’ and the uber-rhythmic, Mitteleuropa-meets-Afrobeat work-out, ‘Orffans’.

A tour-de-force of live instrumentation and experimentation in service of never less than accessible song craft, Serenades & Serinettes is undeniable evidence of a unique and bewitching talent, fearlessly pushing the musical envelope. The album also features guest contributions from Glen Johnson and Jerome Tcherneyan (of Piano Magic) and David Sheppard and Keiron Phelan (Phelan Sheppard/State River Widening). Piano Magic fans will be keen to note the sublime cover of the group's 1998 single, 'French Mittens.'

Klima’s eponymous debut appeared on the Peacefrog label in 2007 to ringing critical endorsement (“a debut all fans of Cocteau Twins, early Björk, Nina Persson or The Knife should buy, if they haven’t already”, opined The Times). In the interim, Angèle has been busy; when not touring the globe both as Klima and in tandem with the band Piano Magic, she has been absorbing the recordings of Moondog, Carl Orff and all manner of African and medieval musics, all of which have fed into the meticulous, open-hearted creation of Klima’s debut for Second Language.

Serenades & Serinettes comes in a plush, multi-panel concertina with a thaumatropic (Victorian) toy insert! Subscribers to Second Language also receive an exclusive, limited edition music score for the track, By My Side.

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