SL05 Lighthouse

SL05 Plinth Music For Smalls Lighthouse

1.   51° 43'.23 N 05° 40'.10 W (09.00)
2.   Dawn reflects in the East (03.38)
3.   Message in the Village (07.33)
4.   Solicitude (05.01)
5.   The Beckoning Arm (05.08)
6.   Sirens (07.23)

Music for Smalls Lighthouse is Plinth’s first full-length album for Second Language. Plinth is the pseudonym of Michael Tanner, a composer, writer and musician based in the south of England. In addition to his solo work as Plinth he is an active member of Directorsound, United Bible Studies and Tyneham House. Michael plays live with English folk musician Sharron Kraus and recorded and engineered Sharron’s acclaimed 2008 album, The Fox’s Wedding. He is currently working on forthcoming albums by  United Bible Studies, Agitated Radio Pilot and cult singer-songwriter Mark Fry. Other musical outlets include The A. Lords with Nicholas Palmer and the Vangelis-stylings of 'Cat Lady' with Matt Shaw (Tex La Homa). In 2008, Plinth collaborated with Textile Ranch, the solo project of Second Language’s Glen Johnson, to create the album The Rest I Leave To The Poor (Make Mine Music).

Accompanying the Music For Smalls Lighthouse CD is a booklet containing a short story based upon the very real events that took place upon Smalls rock, 210 years ago. The music corresponds to the incidents in the storyline in a literal sense as Plinth have created a haunting and mesmerising soundtrack featuring minimal strings and piano, accompanied by a selection of early pump organs and a 19th century Dulcitone. The field recordings and incidental sounds were captured along the Dorset coast. Contributors include Nicholas Palmer and Autumn Grieve. The words were written by Michael Tanner and Diane Allton with artwork designed by Jeff Teader.

Music For Smalls Lighthouse is packaged in a lush, ribbon-bound, hand-made, hardback book. This release also includes a free 10 track 3" CDR of demos for the album, entitled 'Flotsam.'

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