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Kristina Pulejkova is a London-based Macedonian multimedia artist whose works engage with science. In her art pieces, she builds a subjective narrative taken from principles and data from science fields such as astronomy, physics, geography and ecology. Her main subjects of interest are time, temporality, ecosystems and mechanisms, looking for connections between man and machine, the organic and mechanical.

Combining the organic and the mechanical/digital is a key aspect of her art practice echoed through the interdisciplinary approach to her subjects. Her recent works deal with the complexity of ecological systems and mechanisms, further exploring the intersections of moving image and painting. Her latest body of work relates to time perception and timelessness, where stellar and particle sonifications are used in order to propose a new non-anthropocentric temporal narrative.

Glen Johnson is the founder and only surviving original member of the London-based 'ghost rock' group, Piano Magic, whose eclectic oeuvre, since its formation in 1996, has included collusions with Vashti Bunyan, John Grant, Low and Tarwater amongst full-blown post-rock, isolationist electronica and pastoral psych-folk.  
Piano Magic’s final album, ‘Closure,’ will be released in 2016 on Second Language to commemorate the band’s 20th anniversary. Johnson’s own solo work utilises a unique dark ambient sonic palette to create hallucinogenic, often unsettling ectopian soundscapes.

‘My Heart Has Run Out Of Breath’ is accompanied by a film of the same name, conceived and animated by Pulejkova, with music by Johnson.  Familiar images from the movies of Stanley Kubrick and Andrei Tarkovsky are transformed into new, otherworldly entities. 

Watch the film here :
For the album, Johnson’s lyrics are rendered in English (by Johnson and Pulejkova), in Turkish (by Yasemin Barlas), in Macedonian (Pulejkova), in German (by Anne Boradshiewa) and in Italian (by Tullia Benedicta and Serena Manzoli).  Benedicta’s own album, ‘Anteros,’ was recently released on Second Language.   
‘My Heart Has Run Out Of Breath’ comes in an 8 panel concertina sleeve designed by Pulejkova. 

Tracklisting :

Heart One
Heart Two
Heart Three
Heart Four
Heart Five
Heart Six
Heart Seven
Heart Eight
Heart Nine
Heart Ten
Heart Eleven
Heart Twelve