Sl015Illustration by Iker Spozio

SL023DS Colleen Solar/Stellar - Colleen Remixed • ORDER HERE

Digital EP featuring incredible remixes from Colleen's widely-acclaimed 'The Weighing Of The Heart' album by The Home Current and Comma Period.

The Home Current is the recording moniker of Second Language co-founder Martin Holm. 'Mizieb EP' out now featuring remixes of Theme From Mizieb plus 2 new original tracks featuring Sarah Kemp of brave timbers / Lanterns On The Lake and Anna Rose Carter of Moon Ate The Dark.

Inspired by DIY punk ethics, Comma Period designs abstract yet playful soundscapes around Colleen's dreamlike voices, enhancing the music's otherworldliness and taking you on a journey where the next pattern is not what it should be. Expect moonlit skies & some seashells to be found on the way. Comma Period, ex-bass player & ex-radio dj, now a specialist of French cinema from the thirties, lives in Paris, France.

Tracklisting :

1. Colleen - Breaking Up The Earth (The Home Current Remix)
2. Colleen - Moonlit Sky (Comma Period Remix)
3. Colleen - Ursa Major Find (Comma Period Remix)


Colleen - Moonlit Sky (Comma Period Remix) [Official Video] from sougwen on Vimeo.

Video by Sougwen Chung