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Second Language Music are delighted to announce the release of a new album by Cédric Pin and Glen Johnson, both formerly of Piano Magic (and Future Conditional). 'The Burning Skull,’ out on July 27th, was recorded sporadically between 2013 and 2018, with Pin and Johnson initially swapping music files between their home studios in London and Alès, France; eventually adding the final touches in early 2018.

‘The Burning Skull’ was greatly inspired by the key themes of vanitas and memento mori, ever-evident in contemporary, materialistic society and social media. Johnson explains, “It really interests me how pop music is increasingly escapist – that modern songwriters seem hellbent on frivolity, on shallow themes – physical attraction and lust, in particular. Whereas, should you address, say the shortness of life, the vapidity of materialism, vanity, etc, you’re lambasted for spoiling the party. People would rather just walk a big circle around life’s truths. Whereas, our songs actively embrace them.”

‘The Burning Skull’ comes as a 58 minute, 18 track CD in a debossed, gold foil blocked digipack. The first 200 (only) copies of the album also include a bonus cassette, 'Craquelure EP,' featuring two, exclusive, 20 minute bonus tracks : ‘Concatenazione Dei Spazi’ by Pin and ‘Set The Time Machine For Never’ by Johnson. The first 200 people to order will also receive an exclusive A5, signed and numbered print on Laid Tintoretto Gesso paper, based on an etching of a burning skull by Pin. Second Language subscribers will receive the release as part of their subscription package. Limited edition art prints by Pin are also available at their Bandcamp page :

Listen to ‘It Was Not Meant To Be’ from the album here :


The Burning Skull tracklisting :

1. Lost In The Penny Arcades
2. The Anatomical Venus
3. The Hourglass Shatters
4. The Burning Skull
5. On The Shadows Of Ideas
6. Allégorie Du Temps Qui Passe
7. The Tongue Of Angels
8. Ars Moriendi
9. It Was Not Meant To Be
10. Wheel Of Life
11. Arisitum
12. If You Come Here Tonight
13. Résurrection Ratée
14. This House Is Full Of Ghosts
15. Viaticum
16. Qualia
17. The Samaritan
18. Theatre Of Memory



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